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The Revolver Sessions
A very thoughtful John listens to a track
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logicl nonsens


after what feels like literally the longest week of my life working on it my marauder’s map dress for leakycon is DONE!! as a side note, i literally never want to use another fine point sharpie in my life.

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Tribute to Freddie Mercury and John Lennon.

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A little nurse of the Warsaw Uprising. A young Polish girl, with her Polish flag pendant and nurse’s armband, poses for a photograph during the Warsaw Uprising. The little girl most likely performed simple tasks for the insurgency and was kept as far out of harm’s way as possible. Warsaw, Poland. September 1944. 
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Man photographing woman in Warsaw, Poland after the uprising. Had to make their own backdrop because the city was mostly destroyed, 1944


I just want to tell you that for a few days will be another anniversary
Warsaw Uprising. Many of you maybe not know too much about this. But for us, Polish people, this is a very big day. I’m so proud of these heroes!
They gave their lives for their homeland, homeland which is so very loved. Imagine, that even 7 years old kids seized for the gun. I’m really proud that I come from here, from brave Poland.

Every year Warsaw stands still for one minute.

Once a year on August 1st, the people of Warsaw pay homage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The biggest rebellion against German Nazi occupation during WWII cost over 200 000 lives and destruction of the capital. Yes 90% this city was a ruin.

8/1/1944 - Glory for Heroes

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